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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes you must apply & get approved through our website which is through Paypal

A: With normal proper care the finish will last many years.

A: On average about 3 1/2 hrs to 6 hrs. it depends on the condition.

A: The high costs of labor, materials and time associated with remodeling makes refinishing very attractive now, more than ever before.

A: We use the highest quality material available: Glas-Tech 9000 by Hawk.

A: Our industry-standard 5 year warranty.

A: You can order for one day in advance.

Spray: thinner layer normal last’s a year …Quick fix (no warranty) real estate agents use for a quick fix  (what we recommend)

10x stronger Roll on: 10x thicker layer off reglaze last up to 5 years without looking dull